On-Site Repairs

As a general rule of thumb, up to 4 or 5 broken pieces can be replaced on-site.  Any more than that is usually too much damage to repair properly, and we strongly urge a shop repair at that point.


We do not do on-site repairs when the air temperature is less than 50F, nor do we do any repairs in inclement or windy weather, for safety reasons.


We have a mobile service studio, equipped to handle simple and intermediate difficulty jobs. It is a self-contained box truck,  we need a relatively flat place to park and a place to plug in a long extension cord.


Mobile Work Site


Requirements for an on-site shop repair:

  • Driveway relatively flat or on-street parking available.

  • Power outlet convenient.

  • Clear, textured glass to be replaced only. No colored glass, no bevels.

  • No bent or damaged metal in the panel.

  • Panel is structurally sound, not in need of re-cementing.

  • Additional safety glass is not being ordered.