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Phone and/or text inquiries are welcome at (678)777-8026.

 Photos are essential to our estimating process.   The type of damage,  its’ location within the design, the type of glasses needed, and how the glass is installed into the structure or door is all part of the pricing process.


  • An overall view of the door/sidelight/window in question.  Use post-it notes or tape to “tag” the glass that needs replacement.

  • A close-up of each of the textures of glass needing replacement.

  • A close-up of the interior trim of the door/window so we can see how the glass is installed.  Please take a photo of a corner where the glass and wood meet.

  • Additional photos as you think will be helpful.

We prefer that you send the photographs via text message.  Also, please include your name, address,  and contact information in the text so that we can reply promptly.


Please use the form below for email inquiries.

If you are sending photos, please reduce the size of them.   If the photo files are large, please send each picture as an individual  email.